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July 14th, 2005

Development on First Say is now a part of the memeio project.

Source is available via CVS. The Source Forge project is here sourceforge.net. Here you can take a snapshot, make support requests and bug reports.

FIRST SAY is currently at version Alpha 4.15 - there will be one more major Alpha stage before we are functionally complete. Alpha 5 will add the ability to publish feed collections, will support RSS enclosures and support memeio-xml (see xml.memeio.org for details). Once Alpha 5 is complete we will start BETA releases.

I am happy to help people wishing to install a FIRST SAY server or I can provide a stand alone server and customization.

See FIRST SAY working currently at: firstsay.com

If you want to install a FIRST SAY server in your organization contact me, steven, at semeiosis dot com.

This project uses the following Open Source software:

  • PHP
  • SMARTY PHP Templates
  • A locally modified version of the Onyx RSS library
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux/Apache
  • OverLib javascript library for tooltips
  • crossbrowser.com X javascript library for cross browser support
  • SourceForge.net Logo

    About First Say

    What is FIRST SAY?

    FIRST SAY aggregates syndicated feeds and document metadata. It is designed to be the first page when navigating an Open Publishing environment like the Web or private document repository. FIRST SAY shows the most recently updated content first.

    Divided into twenty categories, FIRST SAY can ensure that certain feeds have priority, thereby allowing individuals to bring preferred activities and affiliations to the fore.

    In addition, FIRST SAY allows the easy management and navigation of multiple collections, allowing users to switch between collections that meet different needs.

    FIRST SAY is built upon the open source platforms of the POSTGRESQL database, Apache Web Server and PHP scripting.

    In the enterprise FIRST SAY can be the first page that loads in the web browsers of enterprise team members showing the most recent Blog content generated by other team members. FIRST SAY can ensure that certain feeds have priority, thereby allowing content from team leaders or performance data to be at the fore.

    In addition, FIRST SAY allows executives to monitor activities in multiple divisions of the organization.

    The principal objective of FIRST SAY in the enterprise is to place the most relevant and current data at the top of an information pile for each individual and category of user.

    Steven Ericsson-Zenith



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